Mod Podge creative gift wrap

Mod Podge creative gift wrap using children's artHello, Mod Podge Rocks readers! This is Linda, from burlap+blue, and I am so thrilled to be here today sharing two festive and meaningful holiday creative gift wrap ideas using one of my favorite crafting mediums around – Mod Podge! The inspiration for this project came from my son’s fingerpainting projects and my love of polka dots. I love that the gift tags incorporate his art, and I adore the colorful, graphic feel of the wrapping paper! Want to make some of your own? Let’s get started . . .


  • Mod Podge
  • tissue paper
  • kraft paper
  • gift tags (either wooden or paper)
  • artwork (either your child’s or your own!)
  • string or twine for hanging
  • scissors

Step 1: Gather your materials. Take your gifts and wrap them in kraft paper.

Step 2: To create your gift tags, just trace your blank tags onto your artwork. Cut out, and mod podge onto your tags. I added one coat of sealer, but you can add more if you’d like!

Step 3: Layer your tissue paper, trace a circle, and cut out. I used a vitamin bottle lid to create my circles, but use whatever you can get your hands on! A craft punch would make this step easy-peasy. For a bit more variety, use circles of different sizes!

After your circles are cut, simple mod podge them onto your wrapped gifts. Depending on your color choices, and how far apart you place your circles, you really can get different looks!

Step 4: Wait for everything to dry, tie your tags onto your gifts, and embellish as much (or as little) as your heart desires. I used simple wooden snowflakes I found at Crate & Barrel a couple of years ago, but a sprig of holly, a jingle bell, or mini ornament would look great as well!

Mod Podge gift wrap using children's artThank you so much for letting me share my creative gift wrap with you all today! You can find lots of other tutorials and holiday inspiration at my blog, burlap+blue, on my facebook page, or on twitter! Happiest of holidays to you all!



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