Holiday sparkly DIY stationary.

Holiday sparkly DIY stationary

When I was younger, I remember having huge issues deciding what to get my parents for Christmas and other gift giving Holidays. It would seriously stress me out and I would wander stores for hours just looking for that perfect gift.
One day, my dad noticed how flustered I was and asked what was up. “I can’t find the perfect gift for you!” I wailed. He did a little chuckle and then told me he didn’t want me to buy him anything. All he needed was a letter from me and he would be happy. From then on out, I wrote him letters for every occasion.

This DIY stationary is perfect for writing heartfelt letters because it is completely DIYed. And, if letter writing isn’t your style, that’s okay! A handmade stationary set is still a great gift for all those writers in your life.

Holiday Stationary at Whimsy Love

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