Elephant crafts: DIY door stop

Elephant crafts: DIY door stopWe here at Mod Podge Rocks are trying to make the elephant the new owl. What do you think? Elephant crafts are just so cute! This DIY door stop is such a great idea, I might just have to make one for our playroom. Lucky for me, Jocie included her free handed stencil for anyone to download and use should we decide to make one of our own! She also included a pretty awesome tutorial that lays out every step from beginning to end. Click the link below to get started.

Elephant door stop at The Better Half

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  1. says

    I was in a local discount store…I would not call it a fabric store as it has MUCH MUCH more than that! Beads, trim, fabric, buttons…if some store has sold it, they have the lefovers. Anyway…I was sorting thru a pile of home dec weight fab, and they had elephant fab in a couple diff color ways. If you would like some, I could be convinced (yay!) to go back and find it again. I dont’ think there were large pieces…but the elephants were 5 or 6 inches high. I can even send you a picture 1st. Just say the word!

  2. cassie says

    This is so cute. You could even make them in an assortment of animals for different rooms in the house. (a fox, wolf, a wooly mammoth would be cute, and I can’t say no to owls)