DIY glitter snowflake ornaments

DIY glitter snowflake ornaments with Mod Podge

I fondly remember a time that I was visiting a guy I was dating and his niece and nephew were there. I can’t remember whether it was the young boy or girl, but one of them took my glasses right off my face and snapped them in two across the bridge. It’s a bummer because if they would have been designed like these snowflake ornaments from Meredith, they might not have gotten broken. Dimensional Magic is pretty tough, which makes these ornaments kid friendly. No one likes snapped glasses OR broken Christmas glass balls on the floor. Both stink. Visit Meredith to learn how she made these. And not only are they¬†indestructible,they are pretty and glittery. Winning!

Kid friendly ornaments with Mod Podge at Wait ‘Til Your Father Gets Home

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