Recycled CD coasters

Mod Podge recycled CD coasters

I’m pretty sure my husband is one of the only people out there who still buys CDs at the store. I guess he likes to have a tangible copy in case technology ceases to exist someday…Or something. I think the vast majority of us are all about the digital age, though. It’s just so easy to buy digital copies of everything and not have to store CDs, don’t you think? Amanda came up with an awesome way to recycle our old CDs into something usable – CD coasters! How cute are those bright colors? They make me want Summer back, pronto.

Recycled CD coasters at Crafts by Amanda

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  1. says

    Thank you so much for featuring my CD coasters! I use these everyday, they hold up marvelously. I made them several months ago and they are still as sturdy as the first day :)