My Maytag Bravos washer and dryer

Occasionally I do product review posts when I’m very passionate about something. I like you to share the things I love and maybe someone out there can benefit from my positive experience. I recently moved in a loft in August and got a new washer and dryer, and I LOVE them. They are Maytag Bravos, and they are big and silver and beautiful.

Top loading was very important to me. My parents have had top-of-the-line front loaders of a few different brands over the years, and I can’t stand them. They smell and get moldy and my parents end up doing a lot of maintenance. In fact, my mom suggested I get top loading . . . and since she’s has 30 years of experience with a family of seven, I listened.

Style wasn’t as important to me, but I liked that they came in silver. For some reason I wanted silver appliances, even though they are in a laundry room. Maybe because the floors of my loft are concrete?

So what do I love about my washer and dryer?

  • Number one is definitely the water saving/energy features. The washer does a little jig at the beginning of the cycle to figure out how much there is to wash, and then it adds water accordingly. I feel like even when I have a small wash, it’s okay because I’m not using too much water (and I do have these because it’s just me). My washer uses 70% LESS WATER than conventional washers!
  • The spin cycle really gets the water out of the clothes, so they have to dry for a shorter period of time = less energy.
  • I’m obsessed with the Power Wash cycle for those extra dirty loads – like doggy stuff, towels . . . you could also use for kids’ clothes. It really gets the clothes sparkling clean.
  • There’s an allergen cycle to get rid of the pollen, and that is so important in the south. My clothes are covered with pollen all the time. I love the many cycle choices I have to customize my wash cycle.
  • Both appliances are quiet, which is nice because I’m in an apartment with tall ceilings. That means that if my appliances are too loud, my neighbors could get cranky . . . but this isn’t an issue.

If you are looking for a washer/dryer combo, I highly recommend the Maytag Bravos. This set has been amazing, the best out of any I’ve owned. I’m a washing/drying fool!

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  1. says

    wow! your washer and dryer are beautiful! I have had mine for years, and I’m glad I missed the front loading bandwagon. :)
    I bet you love doing your laundry now!
    I’m looking to get a new stove and fridge very soon, maybe I’ll look at some maytags. :)


  2. says

    Love getting new appliances! Those look great. I’m kind of old school too, and like top loaders, even though we have some new front loader ones. Here’s hoping for a long lasting relationship with your new washer and dryer! :)

  3. Crystal says

    The 70% less water use is pretty awesome. I have the front loading machines and wish I would’ve gotten a top loader. Thanks for sharing your experience I will definitely keep it in mind when we shop for new ones.

  4. says

    I love that your washer self-figures how much water to add on its own. When we get ready to replace our current washer, I will definitely want to check this set out

  5. says

    I do have a front-loader, and while I must say that in my particular laundry area it saves me space, they definitely do create some smelly/mildew-y issues sometimes. Your new set is fabulous! With 4 boys I definitely spend a lot of time doing laundry… anything that saves energy and time is a great thing!

  6. says

    Your washer and dryer are lovely. My washer is over 20 years old and still works pretty well but I am glad to have read your tips as I was contemplating getting a front loader soon to replace it but now I’m thinking I’ll just get the washer you recommended. (My dryer is only 2 years old so no need to replace that) ~ thanks for sharing your insights.

  7. says

    My uncle is an appliance repairman and when my washer gave up the ghost he told me to look for a Maytag, which I did. I love the sleek design of the set you featured, how beautiful!

  8. debbi in Texas says

    My new set just like yours is being delivered tomorrow. I researched and researched before committing. I decided front loader washers are not for me after reading the maintenance, balance issues, all kinds of error messages that creates problems to be resolved, and the length of wash time. It is not worth the price and aggravation. This top loader or any top loader in the new “high efficiency” category are just as good as the top loaders without the headaches. I cannot wait to get them into our new house and a spiffy and jazzy laundry room. These were at the top of the list of “top rated” units.