Embellished rosette headband

Embellished Rosette Headband
I’ve been doing a lot of daydreaming about what my baby girl (due in just a few short months) will look like and mostly worrying if she is going to have lots of hair like her big sister. I know this isn’t a normal thing to stress about. But here’s the thing. I loved her sister’s hair! And I loved that it was long enough for cute little clips right from the get go.

In the event that this gal is a baldy, though, I’ve decided to start stocking up on headbands. I think this embellished rosette headband is the perfect place to start, don’t you? I have a big bottle of Fabric Mod Podge¬†just waiting to be used on this guy.

Embellished Rosette Headband at Sweet C’s Designs