DIY drawer organizer

DIY drawer organizer made with cereal boxes

Have you ever wanted to organize your house, but end up frustrated over the price of containers? I’ve been there. Many times. It’s not fun… And honestly? It always kills my mood to even attempt to organize. It’s a vicious cycle! One that, unbeknownst to me, could be fixed with a few cereal boxes, Mod Podge (of course!), and a bit of fabric. The final result is classy and personalized, just what my drawers need more of!

DIY drawer organizer at The Non-Consumer Advocate

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  1. Oma Kanis says

    I just came across a link to ur great blog oon Pinterest today, and I’m thrilled! I did TONS of modpodge oppox. 30 yrs!! I know, before y’all were even born! LOL! As my baby daughter, now 43 yrs old, says “I am older than dirt” now! I can’t wait to do some things w/ this again!