Clever DIY map lamp revamp

DIY map lamp revamp

How many times have you been to the thrift store and seen rows upon rows of lamps? They are so easy to pass by, simply because most of them just seem so boring or out of style. Sometimes, it’s hard for me to remember that a little paint and Mod Podge can go a long way. Check out the link below to see how Stephanie transformed an 80s brass lamp into a very current map lamp masterpiece.

Lamp revamp at Silver Boxes

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    OH! Inspiration just struck! I have an IKEA glass lamp I found at a thrift store. Its the one that has an opening at the bottom. I have been saving any and all old baseballs that are about to be discarded at my house. Let me tell you SOME have seen many days in the back yard with the dogs! I could not figure out what to do on the plain white shade. Fleeting thoughts of painting baseball stitches flashed by…but when I saw the lamp: INSPRIATION! I have a large collection of used baseball tickets! I think a single band of them just above the edge will do the trick. LOVE your site..just wish I would DO more when I have an idea!