Holiday decorating with Martha Stewart – DIY Christmas ornaments

Martha Stewart DIY Christmas ornaments

When I say I’m celebrating Christmas with Martha, I don’t mean the woman herself – I mean her new Martha Stewart Holiday Home Office line at Staples! I know I have a lot of ‘splaining to do . . . how can I possibly be making DIY Christmas ornaments with office supplies? Well, it’s easy when the office supplies look like this:

Staples exclusive line includes wrapping paper, ribbon, gift bags, tissue paper, shipping wrap and tape . . . and more. I was lucky enough to get some samples, and the designs are so, so cute. I LOVE the stripes (of course), and all of the patterns are typical Martha¬†loveliness. I knew that I’d be doing some serious wrapping and shipping with my goodies, but I also felt the need to craft with it as well. And so some ornaments were born.

DIY Martha Stewart Christmas ornaments

Can you believe these started as wrapping supplies? I love my ornaments! Here’s how I made them.

Gather These Supplies

Paint your paper mache discs with several coats of white paint until fully coated. Then let dry.

For the mitten ornament, give it a few coats of Extreme Glitter in Hologram for the sparkle effect. Let it dry and set aside.

For the “ornament” ornament, you’ll want to cut some of the tissue paper into medium squares. Use Mod Podge Gloss to add the squares to the ornament, layering as you go.

Do the front, overlapping edges. Let dry and then turn over and finish the back side.

I used my punch to create teenie ornaments from the stripes. Then I Mod Podged them to the front of the ornament and let dry. I also glued the mitten to the front of the other ornament using Mod Podge.

Add Dimensional Magic to the small ornament shapes as well as to the mitten shape. Place the snowflake button into the wet DM on the mitten, and place the rhinestones into the wet DM on the ornaments. Let them dry overnight.

Martha Stewart DIY Christmas ornaments

These ornaments whipped up quickly. and I love that they were made from supplies from Staples. These Martha Stewart Holiday Home Office Supplies are so perfect. Simple – stylish – just what you would expect from Martha.

And of course, I won’t just be using the Martha Stewart supplies to make things. I have plenty of gifts to give that require cute packaging. This includes hostess gifts like the ones I’ve already wrapped above. Yay.

Would you like to get your hands on some of this product to wrap gifts or make your own beautiful DIY Christmas ornaments? Click the coupon above and get thee to Staples immediately!

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