Canvas Mod Podge prints

canvas mod podge prints

I love a good quote. Especially when it’s one that really makes me want to try harder or be a little better in my everyday life. Let’s face it, life can get tough! Sometimes it feels like nothing ever goes how we want it to, and sometimes we get caught up in comparing ourselves to others (especially here in Blogland, I think!) . . . These canvas Mod Podge prints are the perfect reminder that this life is great, if we just believe in ourselves (was that too cheesy? Sorry).

Go download these great printables and get the run down on how to make your own canvases by clicking the link below.

Canvas Mod Podge prints at How to Nest for Less

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  1. Barbara Noland says

    Can you mod podge newspaper like this? My son was on the front cover of his college newspaper and I would love to surprise him w this? thanks

    • Amy says

      Yes, you can! Make sure to watch my videos at Newspaper is easy to wrinkle 😀

  2. Laura says

    How do I Mod Podge acrylic paint onto a canvas??? I want to make some cute things for Christmas presents. Thanks!