Aged paper decoupaged table

This is one of the coolest furniture revamps I’ve ever seen. Using vintage engineering drawings from the 1800s, Wendy blew them up and fixed up an old kitchen table by decoupaging them to the top. I was so interested to read about how she did it, because she made the drawings blend into the wood so well. Let’s say that some glaze and fancy Podgework were involved, and you just have to read it. Take a peek at Wendy’s blog entry below to learn more.

Aged paper decoupage DIY table refinishing project at Vintage Fangirl


  1. says

    Aww – thank you Amy! This post reminds me that we never were able to get together while you were here for the CHA show. Please let me know when/if you’ll be in Chicago again so that I can plan better to make sure we get to finally meet each other! :)

  2. Nina says

    Brilliant! This is the best decoupage project I have seen. I have a glass table with an art deco black pedestal (husband’s preferred shade on everything furniture). I of course am slowly weening him to part with the morgue museum look, although I have to admit it makes it easier for a Halloween montage. I wanted to transform the pedestal into looking like aged wood. This look is perfect. I love your sense of aesthetics (do we really need another Shabby Sh– flower and doilly piece). Thanks so much for your inspiration, imagination, creativity and skill. And keep up the good work.