Sparkle-rific roller skates

roller skate revamp

I have a vision in my mind of roller skating all over the city of Atlanta. I love roller skating, and nothing would be better than seeing the city on wheels while exercising at the same time. Unfortunately my hopes are quickly dashed when I remember how bad the drivers are here . . . but it’s okay. I can stil appreciate a good pair of DIY roller skates. I bow down to Anjelica, who modified a plain pair of roller skates with glitter, rhinestones and a whole lot of Mod Podge and E-6000. Aren’t they amazing? Learn more below.

How to add some sparkle to your skates at Juan of Words


  1. Crystal says

    Awesomeness!!!! I totally get the traffic situation….LOL I live about 45 mins from ATL and love that I don’t have to make that commute anymore. LOVE love love the skates….I love roller skating too!!!

  2. orfanannie says

    My kind of skates…but living in Marietta is as bad as Atlanta, if not worse! No way could I skate here, besides sidewalks are sporadic and I’m not going in the street. Other than that, I’d probably break my neck!

  3. Alisha says

    I work for sonic, and I hate how ugly my skates are from every day skating, looks like they’re going to be getting a make over :)!