Fabric filing cabinet makeover

mod-podged-filing-cabinetSome of you are home office people like myself. Some of you may also shove the papers you receive into plastic bins or put on the cushion of your blue velvet papasan chair, just like I do. My friends, both you and I know those aren’t where those papers go. We all need to get a filing cabinet, but instead of spending an arm and a leg from something new and fancy, we can just revamp an old one with fabric and Mod Podge like Cathy did. It’s easier than you think, and you can choose the custom fabric that goes with your home decor or that you just plain love. Visit Cathy to see her entire filing cabinet makeover.

Filing cabinet makeover at Cathy Green Interiors


  1. Nancy Langlas says

    I’m going to start modge podging today. I was able to REMOVE the filing cabinet drawers, which will make the whole thing easier to handle. Do you think that this should be added to the hints for the project?