Dr. Seuss craft – library card frame

Dr. Seuss craft library card frame

I’ve had Janel from Nellie Bellie on before with her octopus table revamp, and now she has a new project for you using pages from a Dr. Seuss book that her son loves. So cute, and I’ll let her tell you how to do it!


This is a fun little frame using Mod Podge that you all might be interested in. This little library card frame isn’t something you can really carry with you to school. That would look weird. But reading and libraries go hand in hand with school. Serious now . . .  if you want to raise curious, imaginative, and intelligent kids they need to be readers!! I’m not joking. Gasp . . . I know! Hear me now—make your home a reading home!! And for gosh sakes use your local library to help!! I’ve been taking my kids to the library since . . . well, before they were born. They’ve been raised going regularly. I volunteered BEFORE I was paid staff. And I volunteered even AFTER I left that position. It’s important to me. My kids would check out their books on my card when they were small. And they always wanted their own “credit card” to “pay” for their books. But, I made a rule. They had to learn to read first. My kids learned to read well before 5 years so when the day of their 5th birthday (the age for a card) we headed up to the library and got their first library card. And celebrated with ice cream and books! And I kept that first library card. And framed it. Look at that signature . . . oh, so cute. Isn’t that special. Here is the quick rundown so you can have your own . . .

1. Gather a frame . . .

2. Using Mod Podge cover the frame with your child’s favorite book. You probably don’t want to use one they are actually reading. They might not like that! Levi learned how to read with Dr. Seuss, they are special to us. You can use an old, broken book or make color copies.

3. Use hot glue to add ribbon to your edges. (I also added a pretty bow to the front.)

4. Hot glue the library card to cardstock. I added lettering to say I can READ to mine . . . for fun. Then, just put that card where your picture should be. You’re done.

This sweet frame sits in my living room. On my children’s desk. Oh, I didn’t show you that? Here you go . . .

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