DIY glitter vases

DIY with the Sweetest OccasionWith the holidays right around the corner, the glitter is going to be flying. I just did a glitter project and I kind of regret it, but then again, I’m a messy crafter. I think of using glitter like childbirth probably is – during the moment it’s horrible, but afterward the result is beautiful, so you do it again. Am I close?

I want a few of these glitter vases in Halloween colors, because I especially love black glitter. If you are a glitter lover, or even if you aren’t, these glitter vases are worth trying. Find the link to the tutorial below.

DIY glitter vases at The Sweetest Occasion


  1. Catherine says

    What a great analogy haha. Love the vases. I’ve got plenty of glitter to be used. I can already see tons of these around my home. Thanks!