Transform an old metal tray with paper and Mod Podge

mod podge tray DIY revamp

I don’t entertain very often, but when I do, I like trays. Big trays that look cool. They are great for displaying chips and hummus. Haha! Maybe not everyone likes chips and hummus as much as I do, so in that case you can decorate your tray however you like. This tray looks like it was decorated with vintage travel/poster paper, which I love. Unfortunately the original tutorial isn’t available – but you can get a Mod Podge tray decorating tutorial here.


  1. Dawn's Craft Place says

    I love a decorative tray, also wonderful for carrying stuff back and forth when guests come…lol
    This is a beauty

  2. Tammie says

    Hey! I’m hopping over from Somewhat Simple’s blog hop. So glad she posted about you today because I had no idea you existed … and I adore Modge Podge! Been using it since sometime in I think the 1990’s when I made my first craft with it. A fabric plate for my mama :) I’m your newest bloggie-stalker :) Have to check out your book now …

  3. Frances says

    I love this tray project, I am definitely trying it. I am here from Somewhat Simple as well. I have been a big fan of yours for a while and want to congratulate you on the book, Fantastic! I have one being shipped as we speak. Thank you Amy!