Stella McCartney inspired ring

diy stella mccartney ring

I have always had a knack for picking out the most expensive thing. By that I mean, if I pick up a catalog with 20 pairs of shoes and have to pick my favorite, it will always be the most expensive pair. Why is that? I’m not sure, but that is why I love “getting a look for less.”Samantha has done that with her ring that uses floral imagery and Dimensional Magic. This project comes together so quickly and for a lot less than the designers would charge you. Visit Samantha to learn more!

My DIY Stella McCartney inspired ring at Bromeliad

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  1. crapatcrafts says

    I always pick the most expensive thing too. However, I feel its balanced by the fact that I nearly always pick the best thing on a menu – win some/loose some :)

  2. Bromeliad says

    Thanks for the mention.

    I have great taste. I just don’t have the money to prove it.