Photo transfer Instapillow

Mod Podge photo transfer pillow

I am loving galaxy inspired projects – in fact, I recently did a roundup of them at If you also consider yourself a stargazer or appreciator of the night sky, you might want to transfer your favorite galaxy image onto a pillow just like Melissa did. Mod Podge now has a photo transfer medium that makes it really easy. Unfortunately the tutorial is no longer available, but you can use this photo as inspiration – and find another Mod Podge Photo Transfer Medium tutorial here.


  1. says

    Hey Amy

    Love your blog- question for you- can you write on mod-podge surfaces; have a wedding guest book idea but if I modpodge the notes can people still write on them?

  2. crapatcrafts says


    I have avoided photo transfer because its always seemed so complicated, this looks do-able. Do you know if it works on mediums other than fabric? eg. glass.