Neon polka dot pots

I’ve never enjoyed neon before this year, but the recent trend has made me more of an appreciator. It helps sooth the painful memories of wearing a head-to-toe neon orange outfit with a neon pink flamingo on the front (7th grade). I also love that Andrea figured out what to do with those neon office dots that I’ve always inherited from the dusty drawers of every job I’ve ever worked at. I guess what I’m saying is that making neon and office dots into a pretty project is pretty amazing and you have to have talent. Learn more about these polka dot pots at Andrea’s blog below.

DIY neon polka dot pots at For the Love Of


  1. Anonymous says

    WOW – how did I NOT know about your site until today?? I’ll be stalking your site for days, finding all your awesome little ideas and having fun with Mod Podge! I heard about your site from Somewhat Simple-congrats on the book. I wanted it as soon as I saw your Children’s Art Charm Bracelet idea!

    All the best, Sandy L.

  2. Lauren says

    So I’m popping by via Somewhat Simple, but have no idea why this is my first time stopping by. I mean, this post alone is awesome, and I can’t wait to dig deeper and discover so much more mod podge awesomeness. Happy Thursday to you!

  3. DaMora says

    Those are really cute and I actually have a pack or two of those dots in my junk drawer. Maybe i’ll pull them out and make something pretty too.

    Anywoo, I’m stopping by from Somewhat Simple. She’s doing a modge podge giveaway, and well, I love free craft supplies.

  4. Shooting Stars Mag says

    Aw, cute. I like neon when used in moderation. It pops and makes a fun item!

    here from Somewhat Simple as well. :)

    Great site!

  5. The Fagans says

    Hi – I’m stopping by from Somewhat Simple. I hadn’t heard about your blog before today but I’m so excited I found it. Time for me to get some Mod Podge so I can get crafting!

  6. says

    Stopping by from Somewhat Simple! I’ve recently become a fan of yours on Mod Podge Rocks FB and I’m looking forward to all the fun Christmas gifts I will be making! AAHHHH! Yeah, I’m excited to save $! LOL!!!

  7. BeingAMommyIsMyLife says

    I am here from somewhat simple but technically you led me to her :) I “like” you on facebook and saw your post to check her out…so I did…some pretty cool stuff over there!!!!

  8. Toqua's Crafts says

    With Somewhat Simple as a friend you’re going to get a LOT of comments! What an ADORABLE set! I love it! I have a tray that needs a makeover – BAD – I keep looking for the right thing to do to it… maybe this is it!!! Now… because I’ve never used Mod Podge, I just need to win Somewhat Simple’s giveaway!! :)
    (Thanx to you and your FB post I do have an ever so slim chance! So Thank YOU Amy!)