I love my Soundfreaq.

What is this little red box of wonder you ask? I can’t wait to tell you. If you are a big music lover like myself, you will especially want to know about my Soundfreaq. I’ve honestly never had anything to play my music from my iPhone (I’m a late adapter), but I have always admired my friends and been jealous.

So I went online and tried to find the best one out there – because now you can get recommendations for anything on the internet – and I picked my favorite based on the reviews that I saw. That is how I ended up with the Soundfreaq Sound Step Recharge.

I love the Recharge because the sound is awesome (crystal clear) and it’s really easy to use. I don’t like fussing with electronic devices to figure them out. For the Recharge, I pulled it from the box and went. And here’s one of my favorite features.

Your phone doesn’t have to be sitting in it to play music. Yay! That is such a handy feature.

But if you are so inclined, it easily fits in the dock and plays directly from the speaker. This same dock also fits an iPad, and you don’t have to remove the case. (Yes, that is KC & the Sunshine Band currently playing).

Another favorite feature? It has a rechargeable battery, so you can tote it around the house and listen to music for up to six hours. I downloaded the Soundfreaq app on iTunes so in addition to be able to tote it around the house, I can listen to the radio, not just my iPhone.

But I’ve saved the best for last.

I squealed when I found the remote inside the package. I didn’t realize it came with one. So now I sit and listen to music while I work, and if a song comes on that I don’t like, I just push it forward. Same with the volume – I adjust it if I want to, and I don’t have to get out of my seat. Music on my terms, my friends.

I highly recommend Soundfreaq for your audio needs. Before I go, there is something special you should know about this red Recharge (they are normally black). For every one that is sold through the site, they are donating $20 to Heart to Heart International. H2HI delivers medical aid, attention and supplies around the world and is a very efficient charity, so you can feel good about getting your music on and helping people. Get your Recharge Love here.

Full post disclosure here.