Upcycle a cosmetic bag into a DIY wristlet.

Upcycle a cosmetic bag into a DIY wristlet wallet

Hi there! It is Shannon from Madigan Made again, here to show you today’s project: a DIY wristlet.

I don’t know about you, but I love using clutch purses and wristlets. They are perfect to hold my money, ID and cell phone when I want to run an errand or go out at night on a date with my husband. On top of that, I like to use a wristlet as a wallet and toss them into my larger purses.

I also love it when I can recycle and craft new uses for things around the house. I’ve had this ugly sage green cosmetic bag for years. I never threw it away because I always thought it would be the perfect size bag to turn into a wristlet.

All I needed was some hardware, a little paint and shimmery decoupage to transform it into something a little more sophisticated. I used Shimmer Mod Podge to help add color and seal the fabric and paint.     Want to learn how to make one? Read on, my friends! Adding the rhinestones is optional, but I think that they add a nice sparkle and dress up the bag for evening wear.

Supplies needed:
Soft woven or fabric cosmetic bag
White acrylic craft paint
Mod Podge Shimmer
Foam paintbrushes
Mod Podge Jewel Glue
Swiveled metal snap hook (these can be found at craft supply stores . . . or from an old dog leash! :D)
Old bracelet (be sure it is sturdy and can swing open)

Step One: Paint a coat of white paint on one side of the bag. Pay careful attention to the bottom and sides and be sure not to get paint on the zipper (like I did).  Allow the white paint to dry. Repeat the process on the other side. Don’t worry if the paint does not fully cover or coat the bag. Splotchy areas area OK because we’ll be adding another layer on top.

Step Two: Apply a thick coat of Mod Podge Shimmer to one side of the bag. If you used a woven bag, make sure the glue gets into all the nooks and crannies of the material. Allow that side to dry and then flip it over and repeat the process on the other side.

Step Three: If desired, use craft glue to attach rhinestones to the bag in a pattern of your choice. I went for a simple square pattern in the corner, on each side. I also glued more rhinestones on the metal tag that was attached to the zipper.

Step Four: Attach the hardware.  Snap the hook to the zipper on the bag and then open up the bracelet and secure that through the other end of the hook. TIP: You want to use a bracelet that is very sturdy and solid. You also need to be able to open the bracelet to attach it to the swivel hook. Do not use a dainty charm or chain link bracelet, because it will not hold the weight of your wallet contents over time.

To wear your new wallet… if your bracelet is big enough and easy enough to open, you can snap the bracelet around your wrist. Or, I prefer to use the ring shape to just carry the clutch bag.

It may be hard to tell in these photographs, but the Mod Podge gives a soft, grey shimmer to the purse. And the splotchy white paint underneath it added some dimensional shades to the silver color. I love my new little purse! The metallic color and woven texture makes it a great bag to use this summer. And the best part?  I made it from materials I had around the house!

About the Podger: You might call Shannon the Clark Kent of craft blogging. By day, she is a pharmacist and by night she shares simple ideas for crafts, décor and much more with her readers. She also craves chocolate, loves a thrifty find and tries (often unsuccessfully) to avoid glue gun burns. You can find Shannon on her blog, Madigan Made, and on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, too.

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