Sewing pattern craft room table

Pattern piece sewing tableI’m a huge fan of covering everything humanly possible with sewing patterns. One of my first projects was a pattern piece storage box. I’m impressed with this project because Jaime did an entire table! That takes a bit of technique, so if you are interested in pattern piecing something, start like I did. There is a cute little detail on the front of this table that you can kind of see – you should visit Jaime to see more pictures and a close up.

Cute place to make stuff at Raising Up Rubies


  1. jaime ♥ raising up rubies says

    thanks again Amy! makes my day to see my table here! ♥ much love

  2. Anonymous says

    Your work is simply gorgeous!!!! It has inpsired me to be more crafty and brave with my home projects. Thank you so much!