Refurbished Mod Podge dressers

Refurbish a dresser with Mod PodgeIt’s funny because I just featured a filing cabinet with very similar (maybe the same?) paper just the other day. I loved the filing cabinet and I love these beautiful dressers just as much. The “before” dressers were tired out pieces of boring furniture, so this pick-me-up with the bright colors is just what they needed. Visit Robin to see how she did it.

Mod Podge dressers at Garage Sales R Us


    • says

      Hi Anonymous! If it’s got a coating on it, yes. Otherwise, you can sand down, paint and then Mod Podge without sanding again. And you can Mod Podge to bare wood.

    • Anonymous says

      Thanks Amy! I was wondering the same. I’m having trouble with Modge Podge gloss vs. matte. I don’t like the super shinny crafts, I perfer a satin finish. Would matte work on funiture or would you say gloss works!

  1. Garage Sales R Us says

    Oh my gosh! Amy I just saw this! Thank you so much for featuring my dressers! I am so totally excited and flattered!!!