Paper heart DIY tutorial.

Mod Podge paper heart

Toilet paper rolls and a wedding going together? Sounds kind of crazy to me. In my mind it doesn’t necessarily work, but it reality, it SO works. Don’t you just love this cute heart display? It’s so fun, and I’ve got just the leftover paint to do it. Doesn’t necessarily have to be for a wedding either – you could do it for any party. There’s just one thing. You’ll need enough TP rolls. I’ll let you figure out how to accomplish that. Haha!

Paper heart DIY tutorial at Style Me Pretty

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  1. kdhteach says

    Would love to love it, but maybe if they were cut in half so they didn’t stick out from the wall so much. From the side, it seems like it would just not work for me.

  2. Lionesse says

    I’m not a germophobe, but stuff made from toilet paper rolls just kind of squicks me out. They’ve been close to a toilet, and handled by people who have just used the toilet.

    Good job on the arrangement, but this one is just not for me =)