Menu planner update.

Mod Podge menu planner

I would love to have a menu planner. And possibly even more importantly I would like a cook who could refer to the menu planner and make my meals. Unfortunately the cook part is never going to happen, but I can have a menu planner. I love this update that uses recycled cardboard, sheet music and paper. It’s easy to make yourself with basic supplies!

Menu planner update spotted at Ridgeway Cottage


  1. Ridgeway Cottage says

    Thank you Amy for posting a link to my menu planner. I can’t believe it, I’m on Modge Podge Rocks!!! I am delighted and honored to be featured.

  2. Ridgeway Cottage anyhow says

    Help!!! I changed the name of my blog and now this link doesn’t work. How do I redirect traffic?