Magazine page suitcase DIY

Mod Podge suitcaseOne of the most fun Mod Podge projects I’ve ever done was revamping a suitcase. I did one with fabric and paint for my book Mod Podge Rocks, and it was a blast! This is a great tutorial for revamping a suitcase and using old magazine pages. I love the finished result and it makes me want to take a trip. Like, now.

PS – This is not something for the TSA/baggage handlers to get their hands on – it will get the livin’ crap beat out of it (aka ripped up).

Magazine page suitcase DIY at Sincerely, Kinsey


  1. Lucy says

    I’m going to be on the lookout for an old suitcase to cover. I doubt I’d take it on any trips, but it would make a great place to store some things and be a good conversation piece. Thanks!