DIY anaglypta Mod Podge letters

DIY anaglypta Mod Podge lettersWell, this tutorial marks my one year Man-Podgerversary! Amy and I have exchanged the traditional one year gift – Paper (and Mod Podge!).

It’s been a great year of stretching my imagination and I’m very appreciative to Amy for giving me the opportunity and to all of you who have left comments or asked questions. Thanks so much!

So . . . I’m kinda hooked on Mod Podge letters and typography.

A while ago I started making my own letters to use in some HOME signs for my Etsy shop. But I’m always looking for another way to do things.

Relatively recently I learned about Anaglypta – which I assumed was an Egyptian Pharaoh but was told that it is, instead, a Victorian wallpaper made to imitate detailed plaster. I had come across a big pile of it at a garage sale and, even thought I didn’t know what to do with it I thought it was cool and scooped it up (you can find modern versions of it it at wallpaper stores or even Lowes).

I thought, for this project, maybe it would be cool to combine my addiction to letters with my new found appreciation of Anaglypta.

You will need:

SuppliesLetters – I used my own chunky, wood letters but you could use anything – wood, cardboard etc

Cut LinesSo first I laid my letters on the Anaglypta and laid out my cut lines. My letters are thick and I wanted the paper to wrap around three sides.

Dry FitI also did a dry fit just to make sure everything lined up.

Patch piecesAnaglypta is made to be wallpaper but I didn’t want to deal with wallpaper paste and Mod Podge proved the ideal alternative – it’s easier to work with and a little more forgiving than straight glue. I just brushed a fairly thick layer of Mod Podge onto the Anaglypta and then applied it to the letter, folding it around the edges. The dimensions of my letters meant that not all sides could be covered at once so I had to attach some separate pieces. I didn’t worry about matching the pattern up.

Finished but not PaintedAfter everything had dried adequately I trimmed off any overhang with my craft knife (make sure it’s really sharp) and I had my letters.

Dry BrushI then gave each letter a light coat of my sky blue spray paint. And then, to emphasize the texture I went over each letter using a dry brush and just a tiny bit of white – just hitting the tops of the raised pattern.

DIY anaglypta Mod Podge lettersAnd I was done.

These Mod Podge letters were pretty easy to make and would be even easier if you just did the face of the letter.

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DIY anaglypta Mod Podge letters


  1. Walter Silva says

    BRAVO, David!
    This is so cool!
    I have seen this paper at thrift stores too, will definitely be trying this out!

  2. Geri Johnson says

    I love these! I have a thing for decorating letters usually for new babies or Holidays but I love this idea and will have to give it a try! I will also be checking out your Etsy shop and your blog too.

  3. Beverly {Flamingo Toes} says

    This is so cool!! I love the way the letters look with the paper on them!

  4. says

    Wow – you are so clever David!! I have walked by anaglypta a million times at Home Depot/Lowes and never thought of using it in this way! Ingenious! Thanks for sharing these clear instructions and fab photos! Sharing this on my Facebook page! Have a great week :) Heather

  5. Carrie says

    LOVE. IT. I have some letters that spell out j-o-y for Christmas and now I know what to do with them!

  6. creativejewishmom/sara says

    Oh, do love this! Happy Anniversary and thanks for sharing on Craft Schooling Sunday!

  7. SweetPepperRose says

    Great project! new follower! I have awarded your blog with the One Lovely Blog and the Very Inspiring Blogger Awards!