Cool plant tag pendants

Make pendants out of plant tagsThis project proves that there is truly a use for everything! I know a lot of hoarders (saying that in the kindest way possible) who likely have some plant tags in their stash. I’m going to have to share these pendants with them, because this is a great way to use those up. Hmmm – what else could you make with plant tags? Going to have to think about that one. In the meantime, visit below to see more pictures of cool necklaces.

Plant tag pendants at Janet of All Trades


  1. Laura/Pet Scribbles says

    Um… are you reaching out to me about my plant tag hoarding? Is this a craft intervention? Or a gardening intervention? Look, I swear I’ve been promising to do something with my pile of plant tags…maybe this might inspire me to do so. I’m not a hoarder. Seriously. I swear. You can still totally close the door to my studio office. So far.

  2. Lori says

    This is a great idea!! Thanks for linking this up for us. I have always hated throwing them away and I love this project.

  3. Janet says

    Thanks for featuring my plant tag pendants…I have been hoarding them, i mean saving them for years.