Spring flower canvas

Mod Podge dried flower wall artThere’s going to be a lot of flower collecting this summer – I can see it in your future. And you will do it because you want to make this canvas with dried flowers and a pretty background . . . and you want to make it with your children! I know, I’m getting bossy, but I love this canvas and I think everyone should make one. It’s easy and kids will love to collect the flowers and help put it together.

Though the original tutorial is no longer available, you can use this image for inspiration!


  1. Ann-Kay says

    Holy cow, i can’t believe my project is featured on your awesome blog!
    I just woke up from a nap, scrolled through the Google Reader with my eyes halfway closed and almost died when i saw my own photo. Am i still dreaming?? :)
    So super excited!! Amy, thank you so much!

  2. birdhouses says

    This is indeed a beautiful canvas. How is the tiny flower in the yellow vase made? It too is lovely.