Pringles can turned paint brush holder

Turn a Pringles can into a paint brush holderThe man in my life is a huge Pringles fan – especially the flavor shown above. Given that he eats chips, and I collect paintbrushes, this relationship is a perfect match. I can turn his used Pringles cans into paintbrush holders, with the help of Mod Podge and paper! I have plenty of paper that I can use to do this, and I bet you do too. Visit the tutorial below to learn how.

DIY Pringles can paintbrush holder at Craft Habit


  1. Cheerful says

    this is nice…i will do this once i got my mod podge. i’m so looking forward to get mod podge stuff in manila because unfortunately its not available here in bangkok, 3 more weeks! :) have a great week.

  2. says

    Great idea! The honey loves Pringles and my girls always lose their paintbrushes and special drawing pencils. I know what I will do this summer :)