Gift card holder made from a cereal box.

Mod Podge gift card holder

I love giving gift cards AND receiving them. Some may say it’s impersonal, and I’m not saying it’s all I would like to get ever in the whole world til the end of time – but sometimes it’s nice to be able to pick what I want. I like to give get cards, but I like to make the holders I give them in. Hence, this  gift card holder made from a cereal box! The ultimate in budget crafting.

So how do you make this gift card holder? This fabulous gift card holder that I spent a total of $0 on? I will tell you (it’s very, very easy).

Gather These Supplies

Cereal box
Mod Podge, your choice of formula
Scrapbook paper – 1 sheet
Embellishments – like the butterfly and small adhesive pearls
Gift card to put inside
Gift card template

Start out with a cereal box. Who doesn’t have a million of those?

Use the gift card template to cut out a portion of the cereal box. I didn’t even tape the template down – I just held and trimmed. My template provided will work for a regular Starbucks-sized gift card (credit card sized).

Fold the cereal box according to the template lines. (Yes, I craft in my robe).

Smooth down the edges with a bone folder, or in my case, a brush.

Tip: If your scrapbook paper is thin, you might want to use light paint to cover the cardboard so that the cereal box design doesn’t show through when Mod Podged.

Add Mod Podge to the back of the cereal box and to the paper.

Use your hands (or a brayer) to smooth. Let dry for 15 – 20 minutes.

Mod Podge the back of the card holder and let dry.

Slip the gift card inside . . .

And close! I used a piece of tape to secure, then added a butterfly embellishment to the top with another piece of tape. The tape will peel quickly and easy off of the Mod Podge.

The great things about this project: 1) free; 2) children can help; 3) free! One cereal box and piece of paper can yield three of these if you plan accordingly. And who doesn’t love a gift card?

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  1. Christine says

    I love it! It’s always great to find a new kind of gift card holder to make, thanks!