Family tree tray

Make a family tree trayAre you obsessed with your ancestry? Because I am. In fact, I’ve spent a lot of time on going through and filling out missing information. I found out that on my mom’s side of the family, through my great-grandmother, I am related to Booker T. Washington! I know – crazy, but true. I also found out more about my Norwegian great-grandfather who came over on a boat, moved to Minnesota and then to Seattle – which is how our family got there (at least on my mom’s side). He had to change his name from something highly Norwegian and un-pronounceable to “Olson.” These things are so cool to learn.

That was a long way around to tell you about this family tree tray by Jill. She revamped an old tray and captured her family tree using paper and Mod Podge. I really love it, and what a great gift idea for someone who is into that sort of thing. It would also make a lovely wall hanging. Visit Jill to see how it was done.

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