Awesome Abe newspaper collage

Mod Podge abe licoln collageIf this project looks up your alley but a little intimidating, I have good news – 80 first graders helped make it. That takes the pressure off a little, huh? Actually, it could put the pressure on a bit more. No one wants to get outdone by six and seven year olds!

But seriously, you can do this project easily, and your kids can help. I think it’s so fun and I love the idea of being able to personalize the Abe graphic with whomever you like. The complete tutorial is at the link below.

Newspaper abe tutorial at Candice Ashment Art


  1. candice ashment art says

    thanks for sharing amy! I just barely found it, I’m a little slow. I love your blog, keep posting Mod Podge projects- love’em!


  2. Ramona Deppeler says

    I want to Mod Podge some pictures into a collage . What do I get my pics changed in to? I do Think that pics are to thick. Can someone help me out abit with some info.