Industrial work table with book pages and Mod Podge

Work table covered with book pagesWhen I first saw the words “industrial work table” my first thought was “the fancy word for the table in the garage that has a layer of dirt and also everyone leaves their bike helmets and used coffee mugs on top of it.” Turns out that an industrial work table has a unique shape and a strong form, and also happens to look fantastic with book pages Mod Podged on top. It’s sophisticated and modern so would look fab in several different styles of decor. What do you think? Would you book page a table?

Industrial work table with vintage dictionary top at Pretty Handy Girl


  1. says

    Oh, my. I’m looking at my hideous kid-destroyed dining room table and the wheels are turning. If I wanted to cover it with something/anything ModPodged, what would I need to make it stand up to hot plates, kids, etc.? Polyurethane? What would you recommend?

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      Hi Gina! I would use polyurethane. If you want to go really hard core, you could do EnviroTex Lite as your topping as well (that is a thick resin finish that is waterproof!)

  2. janine says

    coolest.table.ever. also noticed a warehouse cart coffee table on their blog. (should be) mine.mine.mine. =) love it!!

  3. - Brittany aka Pretty Handy Girl says

    ;-D Thanks for featuring the mod podged table created by my guests: Hammer Like a Girl. Those girls seriously rock!

  4. kat1689 says

    I created a table very similar to this a couple years ago. I used Alice in Wonderland to cover my table and I love the way it turned out. I like how your pages are lined up, if I did it again I would try it that way. Great job!

  5. Laurie Romanstine says

    Help !! I just came in from trying to redo my kitchen table. I lightly sanded it since it’s wooden and had just a light coat of varnish with poly. I tryed to Mod Podge sheets of scrape booking paper down. I love the paper . It’s heavier than normal paper. It’s the same color and weight of a grocery store brown paper bag with black polka dots. My problem was that it started having bubbles in it as it stared drying. I then tried spraying an adhesive on the paper to make sure it stayed down flat and then Mod Podged over it but again as it dried it buckled up . I really would love the look of having a table cloth but not. Of course I was going to put several layers of Poly on top .

    Do you think my scrapebook paper was to thick ?? Would a lighter paper be better ?? I would love to send you a picture of what I have . Any help would be greatly appreciated :-)

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      Hi Laurie! It sounds like you didn’t use enough Mod Podge. I would watch my videos here:

      With a table, you REALLY have to put a lot of Mod Podge on as it dries quickly. Then you should use something to smooth the paper down besides your hands.