How to make a cardboard canvas

How to make a cereal box canvas How to make a recycled canvasAlma always impresses me because she is sooo creative. Artistic, really. I am one of those creative non-artist types. Haha! Seriously though, I am, and I love reading Alma’s blog posts because they take me into that artistic place, where I want to try new and .  . . artistic . . . things. In her most recent Mod Podge post she made canvases from a cardboard cereal box and book pages. Then she painted on top of them, and now they are beautiful. You should visit her to see how she made them.

How to make cardboard canvas at Alma Stoller


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    Now that I’ve finally made my first Mod Podge project, I’m getting an idea of how addictive it can become. Will definitely try out this great idea. It’s always wonderful when your “canvas” can be free!