Fancy octopus table

DIY octopus table

Hi all!! My name is Janel and I hide behind my blog Nellie Bellie. I blog about DIY, crafting, recipes, and all sorts of fun things!

Stop by and say hi sometime. I love Mod Podge! It is so useful in crafting and decorating. And I am so excited to be here! Here’s an example of one of the great uses of Mod Podge . . .

See this sad, broken end table . . . some paint, old books, printed Octopus, and . . . Mod Podge turned it into this:

1. fix the table leg. Done!

2. Paint the table. I used a gorgeous sea blue. And in all honesty, I used spray paint. I know. But, it’s so easy!

3. Find an old dictionary and take out some of the pages.

4. Lather Mod Podge all over the top of the table. Watch that it doesn’t drip along the side.

5. Carefully place your pages on the top. Move quickly, making sure the pages are facing the direction you want and that they are only sticking to the top (not along the sides).

6. Carefully cut the ends of the pages off (I used a sharp craft knife).
7. Cover the top with Mod Podge.

8. Print out the Octopus of choice ( I found a black and white and printed it to several pages for a larger size) and cut it out.

9. Mod Podge the octopus to the top of the table. Watch that you have it placed properly.

10. After the Mod Podge has dried…”age” the table by brushing wood stain on and then rubbing it off. If desired…finish with a coat of Polyurethane and edge the top with hotglue and rope.

Thanks for having me and letting me play with Mod Podge! Come over and visit me at Nellie Bellie when you get two minutes!!


  1. Four Marrs and One Venus says

    Really Really Clever Martha!! 😉 But then again, this doesn’t surprise me! You are too darn smart and crafty! AND FUNNY- that’s why I just love ya to pieces! Love the Paint color you decided to use.. and I agree with you on the spray paint. so easy! Great looking table my dear!