Fancy decoupage DIY clay pot

Fancy decoupage DIY clay pot

Hi, I’m Amanda! I blot at Ninth Street Notions. I share crafts, DIY and recipes for those of us who are not naturally crafty. We just like pretty things. I’m here today to share my decoupage DIY clay pot – this is one of the easiest Mod Podge projects you’ll ever do.

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This cute little pot makes a simple project for a great gift. First, gather your materials: one terra cotta pot, one sheet scrapbook paper and Matte Mod Podge.

Measure around the outside of the top edge of your pot.

Measure the width of this edge, too. Mine ended up being about 19″x1″. Cut strips of scrapbook paper to fit this. Because you are trying to work around a circular edge, you will need smaller strips. For example, 4″x1″. This will make it easier to create a smooth edge.

Mod podge your strips around the top edge of the pot. Overlap the ends of your strips. Yes, there will be a slight edge to that. No, it won’t look bad. At least I don’t think so. Go nice and slow. It’s tricky to make sure it doesn’t get all wrinkly. Use Amy’s tips here to keep it wrinkle-free. Let it dry. Give it a couple of top coats to seal it. Then fill your pot with something wonderful to give. You might not want to pot a plant in it, so as not to ruin your beautiful Mod Podge work. However, a mason jar filled with flowers fits beautifully:

Or my personal favorite: candy!

Thank you so much for letting me share this easy project with you!

Thank you Amanda, so much, for sharing your tutorial. Mod Podgers, please visit Amanda at Ninth Street Creations for tons of budget crafting ideas and inspiration.



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