Craft stick puppet theater

puppet-theaterI squealed when I saw this puppet theater by my friend Amanda. It’s hard to say what my favorite part is, but I really love the hair that is the paisley stickers. So funny! I like everything about it, and of course, that it uses Mod Podge. There are so many fun details that you have to visit Amanda to see how it was made.

Craft stick puppet theater at Crafts By Amanda


  1. 2littlehooligans says

    ok, now that is too stinky cute. did you see the nate show yesturday and their craft with mod podge? made me think of you:)

  2. Danise says

    Too many times children are left out because it is easier to let them watch T.V. or a movie.But as I recall from my niece’s and nephew’s they loved hearing my silly stories abour anything that might involve them in the story line.Puppets are a way of getting children involved and I love this example.They can even help make the puppet for the story and still be facinated.Thanks for sharing.