Fabric covered drawer fronts

Fabric front Mod Podge dresserI’ve seen this fabric before at Whipstitch and I absolutely love it. In fact, I used some coordinating fabric from the same collection in my upcoming book. Ann Marie revamped a dresser using this fancy fabric, and I love how it goes perfectly with her unique paint color. I also love the mismatched drawer handles. It’s as if Ann Marie was thinking of me when she did it! Probably not, but even so, she did a great job. Visit her to see this dresser and the matching headboard revamp.

Coral headboard and fabric front dresser at Twice Lovely


  1. says

    I love it! I’ve seen posts about wallpaper covered drawers and cupboards and have been looking for some to do mine. I hadn’t thought of using fabric. Being a fabriholic it makes much more sense to use that. I’m new to mod podge since finding your blog, and now I am so on the “MOD PODGE ROCKS” train! Thanks for the ideas Amy and Ann Marie!!

  2. lauren says

    Hi – I am about to mod podge my first piece of furniture. I have sanded and painted the dresser and have a lovely piece of fabric but am a bit leary about the mod podge. I wonder if you would share some tips with me. Do you use the fabric mod podge? I have regular with matte finish but really want to be sure I have a thick, solid coating on top. I would be grateful for any tips. Thanks so much.