Easy silhouette Easter eggs

Silhouette Easter eggsSince I have absolutely no computer graphics “skillz” whatsoever, I like projects that use basic programs – like Paint or Word. Haha! It’s true though – I need simple, because PhotoShop isn’t going to happen. Jenn has developed a simple method for transferring silhouettes to eggs with a very fancy material – tissue paper! And no special programs required. Just use graphics from my friend Karen and Jenn’s tutorial, and you’ll be good to go.

Easy silhouette Easter eggs at Rook No. 17


  1. eyes2theocean says

    Those eggs look great!!! I really like the silhouette look and will give that a try. Another thing you can do that is really nice is to take paper napkins with pretty images on them and Mod Podge them on to the egg. You can also dye the egg first and cut out images from napkins or paper as well. They all look great. Thank you for this idea. :)

  2. Reshma at colorcanopy.blogspot.com says

    Eggstatic idea! Will try this…if I get some time today!