DIY trash bag canister

trashbagcanister3When I lived in Mod Podge Command Central (which will forever have that name), I shoved plastic bags into the back of the pantry and shut the door. Eventually there would get to be so many that the bags would spring forth when I opened the door, and I’d end up yelling . . . what a mess. There is a solution! Take an old wipes container, make it pretty with fabric and Mod Podge, then stuff those bags down inside. I call it organization on your terms. Sherry no longer has the tutorial at her site, but you can see a similar tutorial here.


  1. Amy* says

    I did this the other day but was too lazy to Mod Podge it and wrote “Bags” on the side with a Sharpie…just in case I open the cabinet and am bewildered by the fact that a sea of plastic bags doesn’t fall at my feet :) Must go and Mod Podge it now!

  2. BizCrafter says

    I’ve done this many times, in my car and in the house, in the laundry room, even in the office. love it, I used puffy paint, sharpie markers and did a few in material. love it!