Vintage alphabet blocks DIY book holder

VIntage alphabet blocks DIY book holder

Man Podger Walter has come up with a great idea for holding children’s books – a vintage alphabet blocks DIY book holder. And it makes it so that you don’t need a bookcase. It’s not always easy to fit a bookcase into a nursery, so this lil’ guy fits on top of the dresser. It would make a great gift, and you can personalize with the paint colors and paper of your choice. Mostly I’m just jealous of Walter’s cool vintage book collection! Keep reading for the book holder tutorial.

I love books, especially kids picture books. And I thought this little book holder would make a nice addition to any child’s playroom or nursery. It really is easy to make!

This tutorial is for the exact one that I made, but you can alter the dimensions and use what ever paper you like.

The Supplies:
• 2 (5 x 5 1/2″ x 3/4″) wood squares
• 3 dowels, I used 11″ x 1/2″ (most craft stores in my area sell a bag in a variety of widths for a buck)
• 1/2″ drill bit OR the size to match your dowels
FolkArt acrylic paint – Engine Red
• Scrapbook paper – two sheets
Mod Podge
Craft knife
• Wood glue

Cut two (5 x 5 1/2″ x 3/4″) pieces of wood and drill holes in one side. Use the template above for the measurements. Drill holes for the left side and the opposite for the right side. Your finished holes should look like a “L” shape.

Then Prime and paint. I used Kilz primer and FolkArt Engine Red. TIP: For the dowels I squirted some paint onto a heavy duty paper towel and rubbed it into the dowel.

I decoupaged both sides of both wood blocks with paper and Mod Podge. Take a craft knife and cut a criss-cross into the hole section. Wait 15 minutes to dry and scrape out the paper from the three holes.

I used a little bit of white glue to bring it all together. Insert all three dowels onto one piece first and then add the next piece. TIPS: Use a cotton swab to spread the glue inside the hole. Use a small piece of wood against the end of the dowel and gently hammer the dowel into the hole. Let dry for about an hour.

Seal the entire holder with Mod Podge. Let it dry overnight.

Ready to use, add some books and place on a dresser. This handy little BOOK HOLDER will keep all those little baby board books close by for a good night story!

VIntage alphabet blocks DIY book holder


  1. Stacey Wright says

    I like this idea very easy and simple. I think I will make one for my room. Although I would make it a bit bigger I like it!!

  2. sandi.james says

    How did you round the edges on the fronts of the blocks to make them look like book spines?

  3. says

    Oh I am absolutely in love with this! The great thing is it could go anywhere. I am thinking for my sewing room and sewing books.

    Great tutorial Mr. Walter

  4. Anonymous says

    Wow! So beautiful…..that would look great in Aly’s room! I can’t believe how easy it is….but how expensive it looks!!! Another great idea and great job, Walter!!!
    Keep up the great work!
    Anna Maria!

  5. Walter Silva says

    Hi @ sandi.james, good eye! Glad, you noticed that detail. I made this project out of re-purposed Oak (Stair Tread)wood. Check out this link for Anatomy of a Stair Tread.

    You can buy these pieces at Home Depot and have it ripped (cut)to the width you prefer.

    Use a Router with a Bull Nose bit to Round of the edges.

    Hope this helps:)

  6. says

    OK, Walter, this is all kinds of clever! I’m going to make one – and like the other commenter I really like the rounded, book-spine detail. Terrific!