Scrap fabric sparkle eggs

Fabric scrap sparkle eggsI’ve seen those little paper mache eggs at the craft store, but have breezed right by them. There’s just so much to take in that sometimes the brown surfaces don’t catch your eye! I realize now that these eggs are perfect for home decor – all you need is a collection of cute fabric scraps. If you visit the blog below, you’ll see that kids can help too. And who doesn’t love a project like that?

Fabric scrap sparkle eggs at Sew Mama Sew


  1. kathy e says

    Love this idea! I think I’ll try it with the cheapy plastic eggs. By the way, Martha Stewart has a great Easter egg project today, using mod podge paper mache on balloons to create porcelain like eggs.

  2. Mel R says

    Cute! My daughter and I did this project but a little differently a couple of years ago. We mod podged colored and patterned tissue paper and mulberry paper to the eggs. Similar look.