Scrap fabric clipboard tutorial

DIY mod podge clipboardLast week I share a clipboard tutorial of my own, but I wanted to point out another way to cover a clipboard if you are one of “those fabric scrap hoarders.” I say that in the kindest way, as I am too. And honestly, f you don’t hoard fabric scraps, you should, because they are so easy to Mod Podge with! This clipboard is a good example. Everyone loves patchwork (I say that because I do), so everyone will naturally love this idea from dear fii.

The tutorial is no longer on dear fii, but you can get my tutorial on decorating a clipboard here.


  1. Donna @ EdibleCreations says

    And every clipboard will be unique and one of a kind. I’ll have a group of five kids coming over for tutoring, starting next week and I think this will be a great welcome gift or a first project.

  2. Miss Felicity says

    Thats a great idea! Thanks for sharing. And it would be a good project for kids DOnna!