Make your own textbook charms

Mod Podge textbook jewelry charmsI have quite a few old textbooks hanging around and have thought many times, “why do I have these?” I’m not one of those textbook referring people – I just use Google. I realized why I have them, though. Textbooks are art supplies! I don’t know about you, but I paid $25,000 for the right to tear mine up. And it might even feel good – bwahahaha! If you feel the same as me, consider using your textbooks to make charms like Jen did with hers. I could probably get over 100,000 scrabble charms out of mine, but I’ll start with just a few. Visit Jen’s tutorial below to see how she made the cute charms above, using a few supplies and (of course) Dimensional Magic.

Textbook charms at Upcycled Education