Make a pretty recipe holder

Mod Podge recipe holderA lot of us have old recipes on index cards – and messing around with those index cards while cooking can be a pain. If you are like me then you might even LOSE the recipe card somewhere in the kitchen while you are making something. How does that happen? Keep your recipes safe and visible with a holder just like this one. Kelli made this for her mother-in-law and I think it is the perfect gift. You can customize with colors and papers that work for your gift recipient. It’s really easy!

Recipe cardholder DIY project at Goodsmiths


  1. Christie says

    Hi there, I’m a recently new subscriber to your blog (& using Mod Podge) & I absolutely LOVE them both!! Your blog is by far my favorite right now and I have gotten so many great ideas from you! 😉 As a matter of fact, I think my family may be preparing a Mod Podge intervention soon because I’m going through my house grabbing anything & everything I can find to Mod Podge! lol 😉 I’m really excited about this idea because I think it could actually be good for TWO different uses! Recipes of course…AS WELL as a Document Holder at the computer!:) I’m on my computer a lot more than I’m at my stove so I will probably flip mine lengthwise so that I can clip on an 8.5″ x 11″ document that needs to be re-typed. This makes for easy viewing of the document while I’m typing & when its not in use, can clip in a pic of my kiddos or just leave it empty for a simple but cute desk decoration! 😉 I love it!!

    Thanks for sharing another awesome idea!!

  2. Striving4prvbs31 says

    Are there steps to make this? Is that a picture frame as the base? Steps would be great cause it’s super cute! 😛