I made it, safe and sound

Here’s a final update for those who have been wondering! And yes, it’s delayed. You’ll have to forgive me. It’s been a doozy of a move. This gnome turntable was spotted in a restroom at Modern Hotel in Boise, ID, which I highly recommend visiting if you are ever in that part of the country. I didn’t know what to expect from Boise – but it’s a lovely place. We didn’t get to see much of it though, because at 5am on Sunday morning, we left and headed to Seattle.

We had to go west on 84 to Portland because of snow in Snoqualmie Pass – so we didn’t arrive to Seattle until about 3pm on Sunday. Shortly after we arrived I noticed that Nellie (my 13-year-old black pug) wasn’t doing very well, so this week has been riddled with vet appointments. It turns out my piggie has bronchitis. She’s old and freezing all the time, so now she has a smashing sweater:

Isn’t it lovely? Nellie looks good in red.

I’m going to be honest with you, I have mixed feelings about coming back. What most people don’t know (and I haven’t said until now) is that I left behind, for various reasons, a boyfriend that I really loved . . . and it has been a rocky road. We are still in contact and there is still hope on my part that it will work out.

So as you can imagine, I’m not doing great. Just okay, really. I’ve cried almost every day, and it’s just hard moving after ten years of being somewhere. I know that I’m going to be fine, but starting life over is not easy. I pray about it, because that’s the best I can do. Sometimes I wish time didn’t take so long – you know what I mean?

I’m looking for a brand marketing or social media job, so if anyone knows of a lead, please send it my way. I have applied for some jobs and even had a great interview yesterday. I’m pretty passionate about marketing, so I hope that it won’t be too hard to find something that I love. Again, I pray for something that is a good fit.

I am so thankful for all of the support – thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I love your stories in the comments and am thinking about each of you as much as you are thinking about me. xo


  1. Angela says

    I’m brand new to your blog, and I have only read this entry but my heart goes out to you.
    May the job and love fairies be out waving their wands for you in the coming weeks!
    Huge internet hugs to you!

  2. Shannon MadiganMade says

    Glad you are safe and I’m thinking about you as you make this big change. Sending you loads of ((internet)) hugs! :)

  3. ggal says

    Hi, Amy…I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of years now (I get the feed on my LiveJournal, so I see every post), and I have been thinking of you during your move. I hope you get settled soon and all goes well in your job search. In my own life I have found that I just can’t dwell on the past, whether it be my childhood or an ex. Look to the future, Amy. You are so clever and creative, and you have a blogosphere of readers rooting for you!

  4. c.w.frosting says

    Had no idea you were moving, where from? Glad you made it safely. My fiance’s parents live in Boise and his brother lives in Portland. We’re also moving across the country in a year, it’s taken me months to get used to the idea. Sending good thoughts your way!

    -caroline @ c.w.frosting

  5. Chris says

    I’m happy to hear you made it safe! I’ll be thinking of you and sending good thoughts your way! I hope Nellie gets better quickly :)

  6. PitterAndGlink says

    Glad you made it safely! I hope Nellie feels better soon, and I hope that everything works out for you as well! <3

  7. Musings on Realities says

    Amy you’re an inspiration!! I live 2.5 hours away up in Vancouver BC if you want to come up for a weekend. Love your work and your honesty.


  8. Shar22 says

    So glad you made it safely to Seattle! I really love your blog and I wish you the very best in all that you do! Sending prayers for Nellie that she gets better quickly.

  9. Christine says

    I’m sad that going home has been so hard but I’m happy to hear that you made it safe and sound!!! I’ve never heard of the Modern Hotel. I’ll be checking it out for sure!

  10. Mel R says

    Good luck with your new life in Seattle! I lived there for 15 months and then last year I moved down to the Tri-Cities. Moving is definitely hard even in good circumstances!

  11. jengd says

    Glad Nellie’s been diagnosed and is hopefully well on her way to recovery. Fingers crossed for you, your career, your emotional heart, and your peace of mind. :)

  12. Rose says

    glad you made it safe and sound :)
    poor Nellie!! hope she is better soon.

    how sad you had to leave your boyfriend behind :( {hugs}}
    i sure hope it all works out and you find a job and have a life you love :)

    normally don’t have time to comment but had to on this post. LOVE all your info on ways to use mod podge

  13. Heidi @ Honeybear Lane says

    Glad you made it safe and sound!! Sorry about your dog though, it’s always hard seeing helpless beings suffering (like when my kids get sick.) I’m sure that you will be doing much better in a few months when you get your groove back…you make friends everywhere you go and everyone loves you! And of course we are always here for you. :) Love ya!!

  14. Kim says

    I am so glad you made it safely. Change can be so hard especially such a big change. I will keep you in my prayers.

  15. Anonymous says

    Best of luck to you Amy. I, too, am having to start over & it’s an emotional roller coaster. Be brave! Sending positive energy your way!!!

  16. Stephanie Dietelbach says

    Moving and starting over is really hard. I’ve done it twice and at first it almost feels like you’re living on the moon. And what you said about wishing time moved faster, boy have I thought that before! But just know that by thinking that, you already know that time will heal most pain. So just try to stay as busy as you can to make that in between more bearable. And I’m sure you’ll find a good job! This little crafty blog world looks to you as one of our leaders! You’re the popular girl in crafty land!! We all are rooting for you and care for you like a real friend! You will make the most of this new begining. The only thing in front of you now is oppurtunity. And as far as men, it’s so hard to accept sometimes, but whatever will be will be. Glad you’re home safe and that your pooch is ok! You’re in my thoughts and prayers!

  17. Lori m says

    Hi Amy, I’m running late catching up as usual. So happy you made it safely home and sorry Nellie wasn’t feeling well. Even though we’ve never met, I get a feeling from your postings that this is where you belong. Life will all fall into place for you and that perfect job will find you.

    Hugs, Lori m

  18. Cindy deRosier says

    So glad that you made it ok and that the second half of your trip was less ‘exciting’ than the first half. I can’t imagine how difficult this transition must be. Wishing you all the best as you miss your old life and make a new one.

  19. Vicki says

    My Maizy (fawn pug) has that same sweater!
    life is hard–breathe deep– every day will get alittle easier. So sorry that you are going through all of this.. I know a wonderful job is out there for you

  20. says

    Thanks for the progress report – glad to hear you made it back. No place you are is ever perfect, and sometimes it’s really difficult to decide where you would be happiest. Seems like most things, especially as you get older, are bittersweet! Hopefully you will end up exactly how you are meant to be. Hope everything works out with your boyfriend.

  21. billiejo says

    It’s good to hear of your safe arrival. Please give Nellie an extra hug for me.

  22. ~ Laura says

    I’m glad to hear you made it safely!! Good thoughts for your Nellie!! :)

    I’m really inspired by your move. It takes tons of courage to pack up and move like that..even if you have lived there before. I’d love to move away from where we live and hearing of your move gives me hope!! Thank you for being so open about the good and the bad because that is the reality. You are a brave woman in so many ways!! Hugs!!!! :)

  23. Arathi says

    Hi Amy! I will pray for you. Things will soon fall into place. Don’t worry dear!

  24. Anonymous says

    Hooray for you; glad you made it. Funny that I was just reading I’m Not JUST a Housewife, and she’s visiting Seattle, doing some DIY projects and has family in tow. A poignant post of her own travel adventures and misadventures. Good luck to both of you. You don’t know how meaningful it is to your readers to share your adventures, the up and downs, and your hopes and fears. We can all relate in some way, and you give us courage.

  25. Anonymous says

    Hi, Amy – So glad you made it safely back to Washington…I made a long move from Michigan to Arizona almost 32 years ago – hard, but worth it in the end. For years I had a sign at work that read, “Life is what happens while you are making other plans” – no clue who originally said it, but is it ever true. I’m sure there are multiple companies out there who would be more than delighted to have you working for/with them…but only one will get to be the lucky one!

  26. Heidi says

    Good luck in your job search. Change is never easy but you have lots and lots of devoted fans sending good karma your way. As they say, take it one day at a time.

  27. MarlaQuack says

    Yay for you! Moving is hard and your being very brave. Your words and your attitude about your adventure are encouraging others. Blessings to You!