Spool candle holders

Mod Podge spool candle holders I think I’ve discovered the cutest tea light holders I’ve ever seen. In the whole world. They are made from spools and recycled candle holders, and I can imagine an entire row of these on my windowsill . . . if not for all year round, definitely during the holidays. I also picture cute little hostess gifts, don’t you? If you are lit-candlephobic, just pop in an LED tea light. Either way, take a peek at the tutorial for some budget friendly crafting fun.

Spool candle holder at Recycled Lovlies


  1. Katie says

    I love this idea. I am sewing table cloths for my bff’s wedding and have quite a few empty spools of thread. Mr. W insist I throw them away, but I know they can make for a pretty cool craft! 😉