Valentine’s Day bookmark tutorial

Valentine's Day bookmarks I know a lot of you have other crafty hobbies besides Mod Podging. I can’t imagine what they might be, since Mod Podge is the bomb . . . but I know you have them. I’m just kidding! I was a knitter and a sewer “back in the day,” and I still indulge in those activities every now and again. I have a lot of fabric scraps, which are perfect for making these bookmarks by Heather. You just need some simple sewing skills and a little Mod Podge to stiffen. Then gift these to your favorite family member, child or hubs.

Personalized bookmark at The Sewing Loft


  1. Polly says

    What a great idea! I am going to make these for my great grandchildren, one of them already in school and the others soon to follow. I am also going to make them for my girls to take to church! It is such a grand idea and very creative. Thanks for sharing! I LOVE Mod Podge!!!